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This article gives some informations about RetroShare v0.6 (released in 2015).

"RC" (ie: RC1, RC2) is the acronym of "Release Candidate" (Wikipedia).

New functionalities

Version 0.6 (RC1 released in june 2015) is full of brand new functionalities :


Options > Permissions

This new window allow to expert users to disable some features for some friends.

  • disc : share discovery data ?
  • chat :
  • msg : the direct messaging service (between friends)
  • turtle : general turtle routing. Used by many services, and for anonymous transfers (between friends of friends)
  • heartbeat : may be used to know if one of your friends is still online
  • ft : file transfer
  • Global Router : described in the RC1 release note
  • serviceinfo : may show/check what service are available from/to your friends
  • bandwidth_ctrl : bandwidth control
  • banlist : banning list
  • status : it is a service to exchange status info (online, busy, etc)
  • gxsid : GXS ID (identity), used to share known GXS IDs?
  • gxswiki : GXS Wiki (Wiki between friends), feature not enabled in RC1 nor RC2
  • gxsforums : share forum data
  • gxsposted : share posted data. The new service named "Posted" (inspired from the plugin LinksCloud of v0.5)
  • gxschannels : share channels data
  • gxscircle : share circles data. Not enabled in RC1 nor RC2
  • rtt : Round-trip delay time ?


Can I run RetroShare v0.5 and v0.6 on a same computer ?

Yes, because they use almost the same folder to save their data, but use a different profile name.

Example (Linux) of pathnames to the files of a RetroShare user profile:

  • RetroShare v0.5 : ".retroshare/g5gce2JhijZ59pufi299592ufzajf/"
  • RetroShare v0.6 : ".retroshare/LOC06_nkibiodbbe75Ggzcjz852dbB9agza/"

Note: v0.5 and v0.6 can run simultaneously on a same computer.

See also : Documentation:ConfigurationFiles

How to export files partially downloaded from v0.5 to v0.6

You may use this trick if you have huge files (several gigabytes) unfinished. This is only possible if a peer sharing the same file is running RetroShare v0.6.

Note: To find the location of the "Partials" folder you can read : Documentation:ConfigurationFiles

  • Run RetroShare v0.6
  • With RetroShare v0.6 search for the same file name (and size). Start download it for some KB (1 MB is enough), RetroShare will then create a file in the "Partials" folder
  • Quit RetroShare v0.6
  • Run RetroShare v0.5, to find the exact file name of the partial file: tab "File sharing", tab "Downloads", right click on the file name, choose "Details", read the line "File hash"
  • In the "Partials" folder of RetroShare v0.5 search the file with the same file name (the file hash)
  • Copy the file that have the same file name from the "Partials" folder of v0.5 to the "Partials" folder of RetroShare v0.6
  • You can quit RetroShare v0.5
  • Run RetroShare v0.6, tab "File sharing", tab "Downloads", right click on the partial file name then click "Force Check" (note: in "Details", it makes all chunks yellow: RS will find hash for each of them and compare the data)
  • End. Let several minutes to RetroShare while it finish the check process.

Linux: Can not restart RetroShare v0.6 RC1 (it says it's already running)

Sometimes RetroShare v0.6 RC1 does not close properly. Wait 5 minutes, then look at the process lists of the operating system, if you still see a process named "RetroShare06": kill it. This issue is fixed from v0.6 RC2.

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