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DistribGroups (Channels / Forums / Blogs )

  • Replace Message. (could be used to create a wiki-style group).
  • Enable Features required to support LinkCloud with nested comments.
  • Archive and Condense older cache files. To reduce load time and cache system load.
    • e.g. Forums: archive files after one month, and store for one year.


  • Count new Channels Post on Channel tree.
  • feature for attaching pictures into Channnel messages


  • Change status to: Off, Startup, On, Failed.
  • Add search for RS DHT users to get the count more accurate. (is this needed?)
  • Test DHT on all platforms.

Connection Manager

  • UDP connections triggered properly
    • Working with Windows Connection Count Hack.
  • Re-Write of Connection Manager.
    • Remove DUMMY connections (where we don't know SSL Id yet).
    • Limit simultaneous TCP connections. (replace WinXP Hack).
    • Reduce Connection Attempt Count by increasing time period between connection attempts.
    • Split Connection Manager into NetManager, PeerManager, ConnectionMgr to simplify code.
  • Enable Connections between different SSL peers with same PGP key.

SSL Connections

  • Fix disconnect caused by connecting to the wrong peer. (see original email).

Connect Friend Wizard

  • Enable Adding friends via File Certificate's via Browse Button and Drag/Drop feature.
  • Adding friend via RSID when Friend is available in network example (peername@peerid):
  • Add New Page for "Send a Invitation by Email" (She/He receives a email with instructions howto to download RetroShare)


  • Add functionality store/load last used Font for GroupChat (ChatPage and PeersDialog)
  • Add functionality store/load last used Color for GroupChat (ChatPage and PeersDialog)


  • Attaching Pictures into Messages via Button and STRG+V (when clipboard has image data)
  • Context Menu for Folders (Inbox,Outbox,Drafts,Sent,Trash) for: Import/Export a Folder, Open in new Tab, Empty Trash


  • Archive Messages (save the message as single file for every message or in a seperate folder. rs could scan this if the user want to look into the archive.)
  • Improvements on Reply Quote check this here
  • Invitation Messages (You get Messages that some Peers authed you for faster authenticate you will be notifyd via new Message and the notify Message contains peer link, this link click opens Connect Friend Wizard where you can authenticate this friend.
  • Ability to send to anyone in your network - not just your friends. (F2F Messages)
  • Verification that the message was received.
  • <s>Add Tag Feature, to Tag each selected Message with Colors for(Important, Work, Privat, Todo , Later ) done
  • Add Mark Feature, Mark( As Read, Thread as Read, As Read by Date.., All Read ) done
  • Add Search Filter Feature for ContactsView
  • Add to Display Tags Category for left side ListWidget
  • Implement drafts to get work, not yet functional
  • Sent Box Display only Recipients Column with the full Recipients for each Message instad of "From" Column.
  • Add to Message Toaster to Display Message Subject and few message contents.
  • Assign Tag Button for MessageComposer
  • Tags Label and Tag Button for MessageComposer to can assign Tags for Message.
  • <s>Add to use CC and BCC too for Messages we need i think to use Combobox with To, CC, BCC) example.
  • Display Replyd icon only when i has replied to the Message
  • Total counting, display for each selected Message Box the Total Count.

Picture support 0.5.2?

  • feature to can attach pictures with preview for:
  • Privat Chat (Picture Sharing)
  • Messages
  • Forums


  • Calculate the File Size for each Folder
  • allow sorting for size, Age
  • Group support


  • Calculate the File Size for each Folder


  • Count unread Forum Messages for left site Forum Tree (example RetroShare SnapShots (14) )
  • Display new unread Forum Messages bold
  • Search Filter for forums
  • Feature to can delete own forums
  • Fix to display properly if a Forum Message is signed or none on Signed item
  • Implement GUI for private / restricted forums. e.g.
    • Display different type of forums.
    • Key Sharing of forums.
  • Discard Forum Messages with no parent.
  • Picture Support, for attach a picture in a Forum Message
  • "i like this" and "i dislike this" feature (0.5.2)
 1. it can used for vote the thread and forum posts
 2. it can be used for thx to a usefull thread post
 3. it can be used for hide stupid answers when post has too much dislikes
 4. display likes and dislikes

Private Chat

  • Attaching Pictures in Private Chat with Thumbnail Preview. (deliver thumbnail to friend not done yet)
  • Picture Sharing.

Messenger Window

  • Search Friend Filter for Friends
  • Group support

News Feed

* Not Display old stuff, only when its realy new

Share Manager

  • Rename virtual folder without rehash


  • The preview of a transfered file does not work on all systems. The waiting time of 2 seconds until the link file is deleted in TransferDialog::previewTransfer is too short.


  • Rework the toasters. There are two types of toaster sliding - from bottom and from the side. Use only one base class for sliding all toasters. Show stacked toasters.
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