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This page lists small to-do things.



  • at start, retroshare spends a lot of CPU trying to auth pairs of certificates. This O(n^2) algorithm really takes time when the network tab contains more than 50 peers. This procedure should be cached somehow to avoid re-checking signatures each time RS starts.


Finish avatar exchange.

  • avatars should be saved in the RShareSettings to survive a RS restart
  • perform tests to be sure avatars are system-wide compatible
  • implement protocol for knowing when people are idle

Peer status

  • it would be cool to know what RS version your friends are running. I see two ways of doing this: (1) we could add a special 'peer status' service which would send some info such as idle status, activity, and running RS version. (2) we use an existing service, such as p3disc, which would do fine. The only problem is that we can't just add a std::string into a RsDiscItem, because we don't know whether the perr can handle it or not. Maybe we can add a flag in RsDiscItem, and send the info in a RsDiscReplyItem.

Network GUI

  • The two 'trust' columns are messy as for now, and what 'Marginal' means has never been cleared up. Proposal: use one column 'Outgoing trust' and one 'Incoming trust', or even a single column with elements of type 'Trust/Trust' or 'Full/Outgoing only/Incoming only/None' to inform about your trusting the peer's certificate and he's trusting yours.

Friends GUI

  • Add a function to clearly Deny a friend (then it becomes light blue in the network tab, but stays here) and Remove a friend (then it *disappears* from the network tab, or at least becomes yellow).
  • when inviting a friend, don't include signatures into the key. It produces impracticably long keys (medium) Done by Csoler
  • It would be nice that when copying the RS key of a peer you invite, RS had some auto-clean feature so that the user would not have to correctly setup line feeds and line width or remove spaces manually, etc. This is really painful especially when sending keys across systems.

Messages gui

  • add a reply-all button and the associated functionality Done by Beardog
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