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This page lists some of the available techonologies that might be of interest to the RetroShare project.
The list is quite incomplete, please help expand and correct it!

Technology Description Implementations

DHT Distributed Hash Table - can be used for serverless "presence", "rendezvous" and many other things Chord, Kademlia, Bamboo, Chimera, KadC, OpenDHT, OneSwarm, Dynamo
TLS/DTLS Encrypts and authenticates connections openssl, Gnu TLS, yaSSL
OTR Off-the-record encrypted messaging with deniability libotr
Audio Audio encoding and decoding for voice conference, streaming Lame, ffmpeg, Mumble / speex,(example code TCPCAM (C),libjingle, CELT
Video Video encoding and decoding for video conference and video sharing ("My Personal YouTube") ffmpeg/mplayer, Fobs, FMJ, libjingle
Streaming Streaming technologies OGG, Farsight, gstreamer, livemedia
SwarmCasting Distributed live streaming VidTorrent/Peers, P2P-next/SwarmPlayer, Trevbus, GoalBit, VideoComber doc/ source, PeerStreamer, Tribler, torrentstream
Database Compact database engines SQLite
Distribution Tools that help make a distributable package on the different platforms NSIS, WIX, Inno Setup
Technology Description Implementations

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