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This page is intended to help to know who's who.

You don't have to have a SVN write access to put your name here. If you hang out frequently on the forum write your name here.

You can add yourself to the list following alphabetical order.
RetroShare Developers:

RetroShare Team
Developer RetroShare SVN login wiki login Forum login mainly working on
Dr Bob  ? drbob7 Drbob7, WikiSysop drbob7 back-end, networking code
CsoL  ? csoler Csoler csoler file transfer, decentralized chat
defnax  ? defnax Defnax defnax GUI, Windows version
greyfox  ? chrisparker126 Chris parker126  ? back-end
Thunder  ? thunder2 Thunder thunder2 GUI, Windows version
the_mgt  ? -  ?  ?  ?
Thomas  ? notdefine Notdefine notdefine  ?
Agent725  ? -  ?  ?  ?
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