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Please list here in detail all fixes to me performed before we release


File download

  • When we are downloading files with no online sources, it blocks the other in the queue list, and so no files are downloading. Easy fix : make the queue size configurable bye the user. More functionnal : make a smarter queuing algorithm.

(Cyril) Actually there's a spin box in config->transfer to change the size of the queue, but it's not functional yet. For know the queue is separated from the file transfer, so files are moved from one structure to the other. It would be smarter to have a "queued state" in the file transfer so that files can easily be changed state without needing much work.

  • Pause / resume need some polish or debug : It looks like it needs to be clicked twice to pause, and the speed display is not consistent when pausing
  • the RS link feature is not completely functional. We should:
    • only allow "paste RS link" when a link is present in the buffer
    • allow clicking on links in forums. For know it calls the web browser.
    • check that links work in msgs, forums, chat and group chat.
  • gui fixes:
    • "Cancel" should not be shown on finished files
    • triage the functions in config->transfer. Either make them working and enabled, or remove them.
  • fix issues with files of size 0:
    • hook them in ftController::FileRequest(), directly create the target and quit.
    • add an if yo avoid NAN when computing the percentage in the GUI.

Shared Files

  • when selecting "one day old", "one week old", etc, on files, the color of the directories change. We should still see one day old files with the same color even when shown in the "one week old" style. It's just an if to put in the code.

Search dialog

  • sort on Age doesn't work, because it sorts on strings instead of

real time stamp. We need to put the real time stamp in the entry and setup the DisplayRole to be the human-readable string.

  • the sort on Size doesn't work.
  • the size of directories in displayed in Bytes. It should just be a

raw integer number, as it's the number of files in this directory

  • the age (time stamp) of directories is wrong (Jan 1st 1970, I bet).

It shold be read correctly in the fileindex when searching. There's already a variable in DirDetails that contain the minimum time stamp for the content of a directory.

  • the types .sub, .srt (subtitles) and .nds (Nintendo NS Rom) are missing.
  • When searching own files directories do not show.
  • When searching both own and friends files own files do not show. So far i have found that whichever is searched first in the code is the one which is shown.


  • The sort on age doesn't work. It sorts on strings, not time stamp.
  • deleting the selected msg does delete the last msg in the list, not the selected msg !!
  • the icon for messages is not changign correctly. Sometimes it's even missing!
  • forwarding a message does not keep the attached recommended files. It should.

Configuration saving

  • Two pass save method which ensures there is a signature/hash and file pair which matches to eliminate complete loss of configuration (implemented) (Hope is to upgrade this later with joss's encrypt/decrypt method to eliminate current centralised signature)
  • in settings, changing the notify settings and clicking on "apply" produces a void window "can't save configuration". And the settings are indeed not saved.
  • clicking on Apply in settings should not restart the network, unless specific network parameters are changed

Queue system

  • make the queue system work (dynamically moving files, changing size of queue,...)
  • queued files should not trigger tunnel requests.
  • there's still a bug in queue: inactive files role back to asking tunnels

QT 4.6.1 under windows

  • Deleting Transfers or Messages wont work since Qt 4.6.1. QT4.5.2 works fine.
  • Functions:
- void MessagesDialog::keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *e)
void TransfersDialog::keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *e)
void SharedFilesDialog::checkUpdate()
  * the QMovie doenst works there more and clicking on "Check files" button doesnt makes more effect.

RS links

  • RS links now work internally, but it is desirable to be able to import/paste links outside.


  • when clicking "ok" in the config dialog, the network restarts, even if no network modification occured. It's a bug. We should carefully select the modifications that need retarting the network.


  • make the shared filesand transfer tab utf8 compliant.
  • there is some memory leaks in the GUI. Mostly due to unnecessary new's to which no delete correspond. Famous examples are:
    • creating context menus should not need a QMenu * but only a QMenu
    • QActions do not need to be created at each right-click, but only once in the constructor of the parent class

Cross plateform

  • compile on macOS
  • package on macOS


  • ubuntu source packaging is done. We can produce packages for Jaunty/Karmic on i386 and amd64 arch.

Who's doing what


  • clean/fix the queue system.
  • clean/fix the RS link class
  • extend the Mime data
  • deal with the problem in private messages


  • Search Dialog fixes.


  • Shared Files
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