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This page is the Overview for a Proposed Invitation System for RetroShare.

It is supposed to list the desired requirements for the System, and how closely the proposals meet these requirements.

Use Cases

1 - Two people find retroshare, and want to use it.

2 - An existing retroshare user wants to invite a friend to use retroshare.

3 - two retroshare users (unconnected via gpg graph) want to be friends.

4 - two retroshare users (connected via gpg graph) want to be friends.

5 - a retroshare user wants to introduce two friends to each other.

6 - a retroshare user wants an introduction to a friend of a friend.



1) Authentication Reliable


1) Ability to attach a personal message.

2) Simple to Use.

3) Works for Firewalled Peers.

4) Works for Offline Peers

5) Works with Unknown Peers.

6) Works with Friends of Friends.

7) Indication if Invitation impossible


1) Unique Code to indicate Invitation.

2) Small UniqueCode Size.

3) Single Click.

4) Invitation Times Out.

5) Invitation Completed Immediately (No Delay between Invitation Received and Signing Key)

6) Allows Introductions.

Proposals Overview

Proposal M1: Reliable Auth E1: Personal Message E2: Simple to Use E3: Firewalled Peers E4: Offline Peers E5: Unknown Peers E6: Friends of Friends Peers E7: Failed Invite Notification D1: Unique Invite Code D2: Small/Invisible Code D3: Single Click D4: Invitation Timeout D5: Invitation Immediate D6: Allows Introductions
Existing Email exchange Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A N/A No No No No Yes
DHT Ip Store TBC Possible Yes No No Yes Yes Possible Yes Yes No Yes No No
Invite Service Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Possible N/A Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes
Hybrid Email / Invite Service Yes Yes Sometimes Yes Yes Yes Yes Possible N/A Sometimes Sometimes No Yes Yes
Other Proposal M1:No E1:No No No No No No E7:No D1:No No No No No D6:No

Detailed Proposals

Invite Proposal 1, DHT IP STORE

Invite Proposal 2, INVITE SERVICE

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