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RetroShare NEEDs YOU

RetroShare is being developed by people in their free time, so help no matter how small is always appreciated. There are many things that can be done and you don't necessarily have to be a programmer to help RetroShare.

If you



If you are a programmer, you can help us by improving and extending the source code:

  • New features
  • Feature improvements
  • Bug Tracking
  • Code cleaning
  • Porting to a new platform

Look in the Developers Corner


You can help by translating RetroShare to a new language or improving the existing translations. For instructions, see Translation

Maintainer / Packager

If you know how to package for your special distribution/OS, please do so. Help us port RetroShare to as many platforms as possible.


If you know the software, update the documentation, FAQ or other parts of the wiki, e.g. create how-to guides. If you know how to compile under Linux, Windows, Mac, update the build instructions.

You can also answer questions on the forum. It would be great if you added frequently asked questions to the FAQ.

Help us give the best support to everyone!


A few examples how you can help with your design skills:

  • Repair and update the websites
  • Clean up the RetroShare GUI
  • Create new stylesheet skins
  • Create new icons, screenshots, etc...


You can test RetroShare and report the bugs you find.

Promote RetroShare

You can help to promote RetroShare:

  • Subscribe to RetroShare on Freecode!
  • Speak of RetroShare to your friends, colleagues, family and so on
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