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  1. your own location doesn't appear anywhere. Put it in the top window bar?</b>
  2. <s>in friends, the drop down menu with the green cross seems not useful: it contains "add friend" that is already on the left bar, and "create new identity" that, up to me, has nothing to do here. So I suggest we remove this menu
  3. in Profile, check that the external ip is updated, I'm not sure it is.
  4. in profile, public information: remove Org/Loc, and replace Country State by "location" or "peer name" Done
  5. in profile, change "edit personal msg" to "click here to change your personnal message"
  6. try to make the display of chat messages more compact. We lose a lot of space in private and public chat.
  7. in transfers, the menus should be made contextual, meaning that only options that are valid in the current context should be available/allowed.
  8. in file transfers, there's sometimes a source with no name. Find why it's here and remove it.
  9. in Files, change the names for GPG name + location, so that peers are fully determined.
  10. in files, your own files have no name. Put the location as the name, or remove the root.
  11. in files, the "what's new" column is not used. Remove the "Share Type" column in friend directories as it's only needed for own directories.
  12. in messages: the buttons look different from the same buttons in forums. This is inconsistent. All buttons should have the saem style across the gui. Done
  13. link clouds: the font is not consistent with the rest of the gui.
  14. link clouds: the links should be clickable
  15. the help button pops up a help window. Some more information should be provided there, because it's very scarce now.
  16. private chat: add a button to allow saving the chat session to a file.
  17. the icon for the bandwidth usage window does not scale properly. Change it for the good old RS icon ?
  18. in the private chat, the title of the window lacks the peer's name. Same for the "chatting with" message at the bottom
  19. when clicking ok in the config, the network should only restart when necessary

I'm on purpose not including harder things such as:

  1. finish channels
  2. news feed: do we keep it or not ? I'm myself never using it.
  3. plugin manager: we can have a plugin manager, but this one only handles adding widgets to the gui. A real plugin manager should allow to add new services to Retroshare. This is a bit more involved to do.
  1. finish the wizard, and make it appear only once. Done
  2. make the wizard more compact. There are too many pages in it with too few information in each. Done
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