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List of plugins
Name Status Description Source code
VOIP Stable Adds voice call functionality to private chat window Included in RetroShare source tree
FeedReader Stable Built-in RSS feed reader, also it can convert feeds into forum posts Included in RetroShare source tree
LinksCloud Stable Lets you share links and vote on links shared by others. It is going to be replaced with a better alternative in upcoming RetroShare 0.6/GXS release Included in RetroShare source tree
PaintChat Stable Lets you talk by painting https://github.com/electron128/Retroshare-Paintchat-Plugin
RSWebUI Under active development Web based user interface which allows remote access to Retroshare https://gitorious.org/rswebui
WebScriptRS Under active development Allows python/js scripts to run inside RS, or externally via JSON-RPC. Includes lots of scripts, such as a global peer map, geographical peer map and forum dumper https://github.com/chozabu/WebScriptRS
JumpingCube Under active development,
incomplete UI
Lets you play jumpingcube and paintchat with your friends https://github.com/chozabu/JumpingCube
FriendMap Not maintained,
not working ?
Show your friends' location on a virtual Earth, the geolocation is based on IP retroshare://file?name=FriendMap_src.7z&size=28893&hash=c0f6edaf805ffce41d8394af91f66af90f84e1ef
ZeroReserve Under active development F2F payment and Bitcoin exchange https://github.com/zeroreserve/ZeroReserve
ExportImport Stable Lets you backup and restore your RetroShare friends' information, useful tool to prevent the loss of your connections after RestroShare crashes retroshare://file?name=ExportImport_src.7z&size=65487&hash=989e8119d1df63f979452566363d8ba49373e131
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