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RetroShare is the next generation of peer to peer file sharing networks. Unlike classic peer to peer softwares, RetroShare only connects to trusted friends and not just anyone, this is called a "friend-to-friend (F2F)" network.

The problem with existing filesharing networks is that you have no control over who you share information with. I don't want to share with the whole wide world, but I would love to share stuff with my friends. But this is not easy to do, safely and securely, over the Internet.

RetroShare is basically a platform that establishes encrypted connections between authenticated friends. This connection is used for various communication services and filesharing. It is independent of any corporate system or central servers, all data is only sent to friends and in some cases relayed by them to their friends, making RetroShare a decentralized Social Sharing Network designed For the People. Encrypted communication, ensures that all shared information is only known to you and your friends.

Communication services in RetroShare:

  • Private chat with friends
  • Private or public chat lobbies, that allow chatting with friends and friends of friends
  • Messages to friends
  • Forums
  • Voice over IP
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