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RetroShare links are a special link format which allows adding a download directly to RetroShare. These links also allow webmasters to offer RetroShare downloads directly from their web pages and make it very easy to exchange downloads in the network.

But RetroShare links cannot only link to files but also to forums, channels and friends.

You are able to publish your RetroShare links to Privat Chat, Public Chat, Messages, Forums.


RetroShare supports very sophisticated means of generating and using information and meta-information in the GUI. It is a very convenient way of exchanging data such as references to files, persons, internal forum places, etc.

  • RetroShare Links
retroshare://file?name=<file name>&size=<file size>&hash=<file hash> 
retroshare://person?name=<person name>&hash=<person hash>
retroshare://forum?name=<forum name>&id=<forum id>&msgid=<message id>
retroshare://channel?name=<channel name>&id=<channel id>&msgid=<message id>
retroshare://certificate?sslid=<ssl id>&gpgid=<gpg id>&gpgbase64=<gpg key>&gpgchecksum=<checksum>&location=<location>&name=<name>&locipp=<local ip/port>&extipp=<external ip/port>
retroshare://search?keywords=<search keywords>
  • RetroShare link in HTML
 <a href="retroshare://file?name=<file name>&size=<file size>&hash=<file hash>">displayed name on the web page</a>

It is a easy way to create a link already prepared for displaying it on a web page.

Creating links in RetroShare

Search Window


The Files window offers even more possibilities for own files:


Pasting RetroShare links

Simply pasting RetroShare links with ctrl+V creates ugly links. Instead you can right click in any text box in RetroShare and select "Paste RetroShare link" which will create a nicely formatted link.

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