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Collection files allow you to group certain files and sort them in a folder structure. Send the collection file to a friend, once he has downloaded it he can open it and download the files in the collection. The downloader will then have the downloaded files in the same folder structure as laid out in the collection file.

You can create a collection file by selecting your files and/or folders in the Files tab. Then click right and select "Create collection file" and save the file in your downloads folder.


Once the file is created, click "Check files" to hash it, select the collection file in-like your files list, copy the RetroShare link and send it to your friends.

A collection file can be opened in the Transfers tab. If the file is still in the list then just right click and select "Open file". If not, click "Open collection" above the list on the right and select the file.


Collection files are simple XML files:

<!DOCTYPE RsCollection>
 <Directory name="TEST dir">
  <File size="54806055" sha1="XXX" name="TEST.txt"/>
  <File size="54376442" sha1="XXX" name="TEST2.txt"/>

External Tools

Useful for batch creation of collection files:

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