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  • when updating file lists, the gui crashes (In charge: csoler) (Corrected Feb.12, 2009)

This bug was due to a call to Qt stuff from a thread, hence producing a concurrent access to the gui. Basically, NotifyQt should always use signals to modify the GUI, as Qt signals are thread-safe. See the details of this bug.

  • Keys should be cleaned when entered in the 'add friend' window. Most of the time sending keys from win32 (resp.linux) to linux (resp. win32) changes end-line characters, adds blank lines or collapses lines. This makes certificate loading very uneasy. So, cleaning the input would greatly help loading certificates.


  • When sending large packets (chat or peer discovery) a TCP read error appears and connexion is lost. (Corrected Feb 14, 2009).

Was due to incorrect use of SSL_read in pqissl.cc. Only one attempt of reading was made where sometimes large incoming packets exceeded the internla SSL buffer of 16384 bytes.

  • sometimes RS complains about "expected size <something>, Read: -1". This is not so often, but it may be that pqissl is not handling some errors correctly. (Corrected Mar. 03 2009)
  • Determination of external IP is not reliable. Especially when using VPN, the IP is not exact and keeps its last value, which makes further connexions really hard to perform.
  • Sometimes, internal IP gets stuck to This prevents ongoing connexions from firewalled peers to complete.

10 nice things to do before next release

  1. How is it possible that I see in the transfer tab some transfers for myself ? This happens for files of name "grpdist-*" and "fc-own-*.rsfc" files mainly, but also for some file which name is a hash. Is there a missing if(peerId() != OwnId()) somewhere, or is this intended ?
  2. some uploads dont appear in the upload list, because the list is sometimes void although the global upload rate is stable and sometimes quite high.
  3. Defnaxx proposed that we suppress the RSS feed, to which I totally agree.
  4. What is the status of Channels ? None of my friends are using it, so I won't complain if this gets sorted into unfinished stuff.
  5. Connexion problems should be wiped out. I'm working on it, following some advice from DrBob.
  6. the recommend system is disabled in the current version. Do we want it back ? I think it's rather a good thing to have.
  7. when transfering internal RS data (file lists, forums, etc) a more human-readable name should be used in the transfer tab, et ever we want to show them. Files like "fc-own-*.rsfc" could be renamed into "Shared file list". Users don't care about numbers.
  8. the keys pasted in the "add friend" dialog should be auto-cleaned. It's really painful to have to reproduce correct line feeds and suppress spaces in the keys we past until we don't get "certificate load failed" anymore. This is especially problematic for new RS users. In OneSwarm they have a nice way to do this. It could be a source of inspiration.
  9. is there in the code a #define for releases, masking all non-finished features ?
  10. the statistics is an interesting feature up to me, but it's not working yet, as many info is still missing in it. Do we include it ?
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