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List of things to take care of before release 0.5.3



  • Channels: the "enable auto-download" button is sometimes disabled with no reason
  • accessing some channels/forums has become extremely slow
  • the friends column in friend list cannot be resized
    • The name column is resizeable by resizing the status column on the right side. It is oddly from Qt when a column is set to stretched.
  • the notification area always reports a new message. This should be fixed.
  • Cleanup Getting Started Tab. Defnax as started this...
  • Translations: Should at least make sure English / German / French are good.
  • Email Invitation Text is Rubbish


  • IPs from friends are not updated correctly in the friends properties dialog.
  • do a good valgrind pass over libbitdht and libretroshare
  • suppress echos in chat lobbies!
  • Cleanup Debug. Again we've got rid of a lot of stuff, but still a bit to go.
  • UPnP under OSX.


  • Update Website to say RS is available on FreeBSD ports system.
  • Update which OSs the FAQ says UPnP works on

Small bits

  • recursive creation of RSCollection files (requested by users)
  • add a control in config->turtle about TR bandwidth
  • Checked in Build Patches for FreeBSD.
  • add a cross-recommandation system to introduce multiple friends to each others.
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