blacklisted ips from network profilers

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blacklisted ips from network profilers

Postby Benni12345 » Sat Jul 11, 2015 4:58 pm

Hi, I see that retroshare has now a blacklist where it automatically stores friends who have the same dht but different ips at the same time, which means that they come from network profilers that are perhaps associated by some governments.
Should we publish all the blacklisted ips that are associated to a single dht here to create a Network graph from which states these profilers are usually coming?

(Now i have two of russian ip's in the blacklist and one from eastern europe. The adress from eastern europe is located in Prague, One of the russian ips is from St Petersburg, where Putin was major and where the famous russian troll fabric is located. The other russian ip is from Dagestan, a place where many governments search for terrorists in these days).
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