some small ideas

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some small ideas

Postby Zehoun » Thu Mar 19, 2015 11:16 am

i want a miniretroshare version with just the mail part. i noticed there was a miniversion with the chat part, i want something similar like that. so that it feels as easy or maybe even easier as downloading a standard mail client and configure that one.... any volunteers?? :-)) actually i want a bit of a mail interface, but not really the complete thunderbird crap---... i want to reply in one and the same window, the main window. but no quickreply. the full interface.
on another note: it maybe be useful to your outer appearance to "call" or designate the core router functions as a special self-sustained "protocol"- the retroshare-protocol. it must be clear to anyone then that its easily usable and easy to enrich with other applications/interfaces. btw, yes, InterFace that minichat is/was called.... also, in general, the ability to e.g. "send a mail" to a forum thread with a selector at top "send to forum topic" i want to see too.. and something that uses HTML-web-like pages to present user-made data... something that i can write (read point and click) simple html scripts (read markup) and "publish them" like some sort of email-like message-static-page... not quite like a forum but not quite email either.--- and not quite a newsfeed either. edit- i think thats possible already, html-mail and group-message- what is more, such mails should or wud b great to archive in some on-demand-way.
im not sure how to save mails with the minimailclient.-- while mail messages usually are pretty small, it dont feel right to have them all in the table-- while it would be necessary to store new mails in the table, it cud be okay to choose to save some mails in the table, like an archive, maybe the inbox and some special folder, and drafts maybe. maybe shovel 1-2MB on the table. difference email-with-server to this is ocourse only visible when using a new computer-- and the lack of a web-interface to such a dht-email-system....


the difference to chat is that i dont want a second active text window. upon clicking a message (in message list window) i want to be able to edit that message immediately (/not as slow like the conversations tb addon!!/not in a tab!) upon click on message textbox. and hit alt-enter to send- as a quick and smooth mail application. maybe an enhanced special mail account is useful with this idea.--so we get the ability to log in with password and username from anywhere, with the dht as the only available resource (linkable to "big"/full rs accounts...). how about it?...-- any comments questions critics?

i2pbote uses dht to replicate the mail experience. you need to run i2p for it to work though. a mess....
info is here.http://plugins.i2p/plugins/i2pbote/ seems similar? i dont like the name.... seems like it is it.
edit received message and send back
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Re: some small ideas

Postby heini » Tue Apr 07, 2015 5:52 pm


I think the better idea would be to turn everything into a plugin.



PS: Using different font sizes and bold characters all over the place doesn't really make your text easy to read.
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Re: some small ideas

Postby Svampen » Wed Apr 08, 2015 5:45 pm

heini wrote:Hi,

I think the better idea would be to turn everything into a plugin.

This is the goal of core devs :)
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