Will be 2015 the year for RetroShare 0.6?

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Will be 2015 the year for RetroShare 0.6?

Postby ben » Sun Mar 01, 2015 3:49 pm

What is the current development status of RetroShare 0.6 which seems to improve a few major thinkgs i.e. GSX?

Can we expect a release this year or has the development stalled with too many major open issues left for a solid replacement for 0.5.5c? Though the commit log seems to be quite active and contains quite a bunch of changes for trunk in the last weeks.
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Re: Will be 2015 the year for RetroShare 0.6?

Postby cave » Mon Mar 02, 2015 2:26 pm

If you check commit activity here, https://github.com/RetroShare/RetroShar ... t-activity , you can see a very busy history. Last time with reduced activity was once in June and August...

At the moment there is a list of To-Do's https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Retro ... r/TODO.txt available.

NOW: the lead developer is changing the chat rooms. from anon to GXS-ID chatrooms... but don't ask me too much, haven't seen it yet...


i hope myself v06 release is coming soon... I do not speculate about the release date anymore... there is something describing GXS/v06 release: "it will be released before christmas" (not telling the year... :roll: ) First time in september 2012 someone told me GXS is coming soon...

So i stopped hoping, i just started using v06. which is already better than any v0.5.5c version. just content and users are missing...

Developers and any people which are able to build themselve, have already migrated... and keep the v0.5.5c client just for legacy reasons...

Christmas is coming soon :mrgreen:
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