Interface Too Hard

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Interface Too Hard

Postby peter42y » Sun Apr 20, 2014 9:04 am

I have said this numerous times in this message board : Retroshare is too complicated to become really sucesseful, viral.
As I wrote earlier , I tried to get 10 people using retroshare.
No one stayed there..,and ( realizing that it would not take off ) , I did stop using it. (What is the point of using a system network that none of your friends will use ?).
I had retroshare installed in my computer for 4 years without ever connecting to anyone, just because I loved the idea.
Around 2 years ago after some research online I found the retroshare chat room.., and I managed to add my first friend, someone in that room.
That first friend acted as bridge between me and the other people I managed to attract.
After that I managed to try to add a couple more people .., but either they did not manage to connect with me and gave up..., did connect with me but left after a few days.
I have said it here already . In order to be sucesseful things must be simple.
The learning curve must be very easy to climb.
Online people want things NOW.
If you have to figure out during 3 minutes what step you should make , what you should do to get a certain result .., if 5 steps are necessary to acomplish a certain result that makes 15 minutes , just to figure out how something does get done.
Its too much.
Even 7 ZIP which is very simple to use , was too complicated for certain guys.
In order to be sucesseful, viral, retroshare must be simple.
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Re: Interface Too Hard

Postby Nobel » Tue Sep 30, 2014 7:15 am

It's always like that if you want more security, then it will always be more difficult, than without security. If you just leave your door open so it is much easier to get into your house, than if you have alarms to be disconnected and security lock to be unlocked.

That said I'll give you right that in some functions you have to look long time for an explanation on how they work. Some, such as how to delete link in the Link Cloud, has not been answered.

But the program's idea, and the combination of PGP and secure communication without server is a unique combination. At the same time, I thought the program is very well done, with many unique features.
That you can make a portable installation in a single library that you can have in a Truecrypt container is also a very good option.

In my circle of friends, we have some “telephone installers”, who gets the basic things set up, create friends and signing keys so that you are running. So friends that has no experience and is not so good to PC work do not have the problems that may arise in the beginning.
Over time, you get better to work with Retroshare and get the skills it takes to download a file, etc.

The problem today is that many say too much in their phones, they are unaware or do not care about their privacy. But for us who love our private life, there is Retroshare a unique program that I hope will be developed with care and focus on the features that are now.
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Re: Interface Too Hard

Postby Distro » Tue Sep 30, 2014 1:42 pm

What Nobel said. Security does not come for nothing, unfortunately. When you think it comes free, it’s a lie; take Apple’s iMessage for example: they say it is secure, but they can read everything.
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Re: Interface Too Hard

Postby Zehoun » Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:14 am

[quote] but either they did not manage to connect with me and gave up..., did connect with me but left after a few days.[/quote ]
maybe you and your friends are not what they used to be.
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