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RetroShare 0.5.0e released

PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:32 pm
by defnax
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Changes for v0.5.0e

* Made a pass on the code in p3disc.

* Corrected some bugs:
    - suppressed an unwanted return in packet treatment
    - prevented sending info to a peer about itself
    - changed askInfoToAllPeers() such as not to discard info from peers with
      NODISC flag (because we especially need info for these)
    - enabled receiving p3disc info even if p3discovery is disabled. Indeed,
      disabeling p3disc is a measure of protection, so it should limit the
      export of p3disc info, not the import.
    - removed test discarding info about dummy friends, because it is useless
    - don't discard info about peers that have the NODISC flag (meaning that we
      especially need info for them)
    - added safety check about received GPG keys. Before we relied on this test
      being performed by p3ConnMgr::addFriend()
    - added some debug info

* put correct (i.e. non conservative) size for RsDiscReply packets

* corrected bug in rsdiscitem that prevented RsDiscReply packets to transfer cp serialiser/

* switched ip addr finder to on by default (users seem to request it, and its not harmful)

* automatic removal of file lists from deleted peers, at restart (After double check that this does not alter exchange of file lists in any way)

* set heartbeat values to intermediate value

* added verification for file size computation (bug correction)

* augmented the heartbeat parameters, to reduce the stress on connections. Seems to help a lot when the traffic is high.

Ubuntu Lucid:

Ubuntu Karmic:

Ubuntu Jaunty:


SHA512 hashes:
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1a46dd278159997adc873d7b502ee84f3165b6f79d598292f90a698ca03dd4170381105c04946c2b335a1eb73e9c83fce65861eaacfc4725b480b69cfba7f24b  RetroShare_v0.5.0e.tar.gz
721063912c928962b52e8db8b1d8871facebf82f896451c1fee9e5df200bd8d3e457e11869b20dbc1c4ad79f10659d53ef3f2a95f94b2c089fa1110fd27ee458  RetroShare_0.5.0e.3111_jaunty_i386.deb
84b0d6262701f256106565723dc5a6132ea5e3a46fb84dd115a8c9518a0f3a0e87ad62dddf762f378ee58bb0d72c82de42ea6c7973e1dc895f838fb69a0603df  RetroShare_0.5.0e.3111_jaunty_amd64.deb
b544e145db197ea5b8681237b50446726724ea20f1ae483bb95c1a05abb90706bda88877fb144076644b06d598e632d25eb374b2f100ea530743746a639ee3ea  RetroShare_0.5.0e.3111_lucid_i386.deb
97cd6577a24cf76777c247bd9a3bd804077ac5737979945acb3adc0f308f6b0338fd28c0060ffd6974a8509da6972bdbff277a78be8ef0f31f43d955e990ce5e  RetroShare_0.5.0e.3111_lucid_amd64.deb
b6dfa732ae76e8c547b98461270cb4e497ae68bade5e2bbc678b17112c2c27c6f3c900f0dcdf881305889fb5cd236cea600deb022032ccc27e4bafd97a0a2a62  RetroShare_0.5.0e.3111_karmic_i386.deb
bb52604526e1ed7b0e8dbb715fee6ced4994da282857d538dab7e11be694808c9fe32219236de07ca99f652cf3de68ba7de24233488db679a630dff3973d1ed4  RetroShare_0.5.0e.3111_karmic_amd64.deb