[solved] Windows data folder to RS.6 linux

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[solved] Windows data folder to RS.6 linux

Postby ririlajoie » Mon Sep 28, 2015 2:56 pm

I installed RS 6 to fedora.
I don't have windows anymore, but I have a backup of my RS6 windows installation.
How to use my identity created from windows, on linux ?
I believe I woulds need to import, somehow, my 'data' folder, but when I launch retroshare, I only have the option to import a Retroshare Profile File.


edit : ok I am an idiot.
0) closed RS on linux
1) I created a new profile on linux
2) deleted everything in ~/.retroshare/
3) copied all from windows folder Data to ~/.retroshare
4) started RS on linux. it prompted me with my windows profile's password. It worked
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