DHT issue - firewall problem?

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DHT issue - firewall problem?

Postby Doranwen » Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:36 pm

I have a profile with two locations set up. One location has port-forwards set up for it and connects easily with other computers. The other location has no port forwards set up for that computer, and connects fine only with other computers on the same local network. If I attempt to connect to the second identity of another profile (the first identity of which it connects to fine as it's on the same LAN), which happens to be behind a firewall on another network, it fails every time with the following message:

Your DHT has not started properly

Common causes of this problem are:
- You are not connected to the Internet
- You have a missing or out-of-date DHT bootstrap file (bdboot.txt)

Does this mean that it will never work unless I manage to un-firewall one of the two of them?
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