Completing downloads problem in the 0.5.4a for OSX version

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Completing downloads problem in the 0.5.4a for OSX version

Postby Alkymist » Sat Oct 27, 2012 1:49 pm

Dear all,

I experienced a problem while the download was completed. After the formal compeltion of all bytes the system stucks for a while, a few minutes in general, waiting and resuming the download, instead of performing the usacl checking and completion of the downaloded file. After that it the file is left uin the Queued state and another download starts. By loooking at the Selected transfer chunck map, all chunk are reported in yellow.

I was trying to use the 0.5.4a version for OSX, while my friend were using 0.5.2 or 0.5.3b for win.

Trials were made also with version 0.5.3c for Win that seems to work better in conjuction with 0.5.4a for OSX.

I searched for any piece of information in the support related paes but I did not found anything about a similar problem. Was I blind ( :lol: ) or was this problem never reported?

Mac anc PC with 0.5.4 version are exchanging files correctly.

Also a minor but tedious problem.... I noticed that cache transfers devoted to the info on the friends directories contents were queued in the last position after the requested files. This was not occurring with previous releases as far as I can remember.

Probably the best choice is to update RS in the whole group of friends. However I posted to let people informed of this unless this was already known......

Sorry to bother you. I hope this could be of help to find the bug and to resolve it. Please let me know if it could depend from some particular set-up. My set-up is almost the default one.

Waiting for your reply, please accept my best regards and congratulations for this wonderful Progam!


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