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RetroShare 0.5.4a released

Postby defnax » Sun Sep 23, 2012 11:56 am

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Changes for 0.5.4a

  * Improvements
    - Fixed commit 5579 - readable chat
    - Added patch from Anonymous Coward - readable chat
    - Added new options to the Chat settings window:
      - Enable custom fonts
      - Enable custom font size
      - Enable bold
      - Enable italics
      - Minimum text contrast
    - Added Enable/Disable buttons to PluginItem and a Info Label, instead of a Checkbox.
    - Disabled embedded images for the next stable release.
    - Added patch from braindead
      - Embedded images in private chat and messages (only for QT version 4.7.0 and higher)
     - Improved plugin system
        * now using two lists of rejected/accepted plugins. RS asks at start to load unknown plugins
          when plugins or main executable have changed.
        * added API and SVN numbers into required external plugin symbols
        * added help dialog to plugins
        * improved version number scripts to add the missing revision number as a int
     - Added window icon for the application. All windows without a parent are now showing this icon.
     - Moved some internal stylesheets to the file Standard.qss.
     - Tweaked standard style of the feed items.
     - moved file rsversion.h to rsguiversion.h, since it caused a conflict with libretroshare/src/util/rsversion.h
       when included as util/rsversion.h. Updated version detail script.
     - reworked context channel menu to allow unsubscribing from own channels. Removed some irrelevant items.
       Added warning when publish rights can/cannot be restored.
     - Improved ProfileManager
        * removed combobox and added export to the list of identities
        * add extension to the filename when the user enters a name without extension
        * refill list after generating a new identity
     - Fixed height of the search input field when using no stylesheet.
     - Changed the colors of the feed items. It was too bright.
     - Enabled the menu item in the context menu again to copy the link when right clicking on a link.
     - Reworked some elements in the standard gui.
     - Added VOIP Plugin to windows installer
     - Added new finish translation from Beluga
     - Added two buttons to the NotifyPage to show examples of the activated news feeds and toasters.
       Can also be used to test the stylesheets.
     - Reworked design of the toaster and moved internal stylesheets to the file Standard.qss.
     - Big cleaning of style sheets
        * Moved some internal stylesheets to the file Standard.qss.
        * Set the built-in stylesheet "Standard" as default for new profiles.
        * Removed some unnecessary style sheets.
        * Added two internal stylesheets:
           - qss.default - This file is used as default for all stylesheets (e.g. the frames of
             the AvatarWidget) and can be overloaded from the selected stylesheet
           - Standard.qss - The standard stylesheet for the current look of RetroShare. More internal stylesheets can be added.
             The plan is to move nearly all internal stylesheets to the files Standard.qss/qss.default.
             After that the "empty" stylesheet should represent the system theme of the os.

     - Added clear chat history to the context menu of the message text browser
     - Added new base class HeaderFrame - image and text at top of the windows
     - Enabled the RetroShare icon of the collection file dialogs.
     - estored SSLid to lower case in old certificate format.
     - Removed dialog FriendRequest and use ConnectFriendWizard instead.
     - Added new certificate format (Easier to parse/clean, more robust)
        * checkbox for using old cert format in security page. Old format used by default, to avoid confusing newbees
        * added new RsCertificate class to handle all certificate actions
     - Several small tweaks to the gui
     - Redesigned the Create Chat lobby dialog
     - Fixed compilation with newer versions of libupnp, except for debian sid which uses a patched old version (crap!)
     - update Spanish translation (from Senpai)
     - Added a new page for user request to ConnectFriendWizard. The page is shown instead of the conclusion page when
       the user clicks on the certificate link in a message of type user request.
     - Enabled icons for VOIP plugin
     - Enabled display of plugin version in plugin items
        * Hide the import/export button, and set the new identity CheckBox set checked, when start a new Profile
          generation from Profile Manager.
        * Set PluginItem icon size to 24
     - Added automatic clean of the friend certificate in ConnectFriendWizard.
     - Fixed code for certificate link generation.
     - Added new Chat style Bubble, generated by Victor for RetroShare
     - Added a profile manager. Shoudl be useful for importing/exporting identities.
     - improved GenCertDialog logic, showing import buttons only when necessary, enabled
       key import when no key is present
     - show count of new messages in the toolbar
     - improved chat dialog (enabled colored nicknames)
     - Reworked notification code in system tray.
     - Added a base class and a possibility for the main dialogs and the plugins (derived from MainPage) to provide a notifier.
     - added systray notifications for chat lobbies.
     - Enabled some more translations in news feed items and fixed german translation.
     - Removed not needed file "Thumbs.db" in skin directory.
     - improved pgp cleaning function

     - Merged branch v0.5-OpenPGP into trunk. Please read the following important release notes:

          User-level changes:
          * libgpgme is not used anymore; it is replaced by a built-in piece of code called OpenPGP-SDK
            ( that was improved to be used by RetroShare
            for handling PGP keys.
          * the gnupg keyring is not used anymore. Now, RetroShare has it's own gpg keyring, shared by all instances.
            On linux it's located in ~/.retroshare/pgp/. A lock system prevents multiple locations to read/write keyrings
          * the trust database from gnupg is not documented, so RetroShare cannot import it. This comes from the fact that
            the GPG standard (RFC4880) asks explicitly not to export trust information. So RetroShare has it's own
            trust DB shared by locations. This means you need to re-trust people. Sorry for that!
          * at start, if no keyring is found, RS will propose to copy the gnupg keyring to use your existing keys. Clicking on
            "OK" will do the copy, and you should find back all existing locations, except for DSA keys.
          * locations for which the suitable keypair is not in the keyring will not be displayed in the login window
          * locations for which the suitable keypair is not a RSA/RSA key will not be displayed. RetroShare does not
            support DSA/Elgamal keypairs yet.
          * a key import/export exchange function has been added in the certificate creation window (you go there from the login
            window by clicking on "manage keys/locations". This allows to easily create a new location with the same pgp key on
            another computer. To obtain a suitable keypair using gnupg, you need to concatenate the encrypted private key and the
            public key into an ascii file. This can be done using:
                  gpg -a --export-secret-keys [your ID] > mykey.asc
                gpg -a --export [your ID] >> mykey.asc
          * importing a key with subkeys in not yet possible. Please remove subkeys before importing.
          * The code has been tested for a reasonnable amount of time, but it's not possible to prevent some new bugs
            to appear. Please report them asap supplying: call-stacks if possible, and terminal output. In particular,
            openpgp has some assert()'s that should not be triggered unless RetroShare is calling it in an improper way.
          Internal changes
          * a specific component, PGPHandler, takes care of the interface between openpgp-sdk and RetroShare
            openpgp-sdk is c-code, with it's own memory management, which has been kept well separated from
          * GPG Ids are now a specific class (not a std::string anymore) for code consistency reasons. As strings are
            still used in many places, this requires a few conversions. In particular, AuthGPG takes strings as
            function params and calls GPGHandler with the proper PGPIdType class. In the future, RetroShare should
            only use PGPIdType. The same will be done for SSL ids.
          * signature cleaning is still handled by the Retroshare built-in function, not by openpgp, but we will
            do this later.
          Still to do
          * DSA needs subkey handling, since the encryption is performed by a Elgamal subkey. Not sure this will be done.
          * GPGIds/SSLIds cleaning (meaning replace strings by appropriate types). Lots of confusion throughout the code
            in retroshare-gui in particular.
          * key removal from keyring. This is a challenge to keep locations synchronised.

      - Rework of tcponudp/tcpstream should make UDP connections much more stable.
           * Fixed retransmit algorithm. Much more closely matched to TCP standard:
           * This increases retransmit timeouts, and reduces the number of packets resent.
           * Added better debugging for retrans/close as separate #defines.
           * Further testing is required ;)

      - Added dynamic choose of sources for chunk crc requests. Fixes the bug that would let
        a transfer not finish if the original surce for a crc is not here anymore.
        If you have a unfinished transfer do a force-check after restart to get back chunks that
        where still on verification stage.

      - moved channel action menu into right click, for better consistency
      - Enabled word wrap of the description in ChanNewItem.
      - Added a new button in ChanMsgItem and ForumMsgItem to set the message as read (without expanding the message) and
        remove the item from the news feed.
      - Redesigned ChanMsgItem.
      - updated french translation (Max Romeo)
      - improved build bat file (san)
      - Moved the include folder OpenSSL to the other external includes for Windows compile.
      - added warning for unsupported keys. It is triggered when no valid keypairs are found at start, and when unsupported
        keys pairs are found when copying the keyring
      - Enabled translation (system default language) of the message box before the login to a profile.
      - Fixed german translation.
      - removed not needed info buttons for the infodialog
      - desactivated TrustMatrix, by the time we decide wether it is worth keeping it, and implement a better version of it
      - updated package building scripts for ubuntu

     - Added windows for bandwidth/display analysis in tray menu
     - Reworked tcponudp/tcpstream. Should make UDP connections much more stable
       Increses increases retransmit timeouts, and reduces the number of packets resent.
       Added better debugging for retrans/close as separate #defines.
     - Moved QoS from pqihandler to pqistreamer. Removes one out queue, suppressed lags
       when program is eavily loaded.
     - Added bandwidth monitoring service to libretroshare
         * p3bwctrl.h/.cc & rsbwctrlitems.h/.cc
         * New Interface in pqihandler to extract the data.
         * New Interface in rsconfig to display in GUI.
         * Added extra debugging in pqistreamer for catching big outqueues.
     - Enabled full chunk checking code:
         * unchecked chunks are not made available to swarming sources, not saved as done.
         * force check now uses the simple method to put all chunks in checking mode
         * force checked files can be cancelled (finally!)
         * improved display (use red for active chunks, yellow for checking)
         * cache file are not using chunk checking (assume_availability=true)
     - fixed compilation on OSX
     - Added patch #3510849 from Adam (interfect). Capitalize "copy RetroShare key to clipboard"
     - Added "file:///" to "%style-dir%" for the chat styles.
     - Renamed "RetorShare" to "RetroShare".
     - Fixed german language
     - Changed chatstyle structure from
     - [RS-Dir] / stylesheets / {public | private | history} / my_chatstyle /
       [RS-Dir] / stylesheets / my_chatstyle / {public | private | history} /
     - Optimized the fill of the up- and downloads in TransfersDialog

  * Bugs
    - Fixed double / in path that would cause plugin loading issue on windows
     - Fixed report of failing connexion attempts/recepts. Cleaned the code a little bit
     - Fixed message in pgphandler when signing a post
     - Fixed small display issue causing the availability map to become black when more than 6 sources are present
     - Added missing close of the temporary keyring file. Now the keyring is saved properly and the newly
       added keys are not lost after shutdown of RetroShare.
     - Patch from AsamK to avoid crash when no uids are present in the key. How can this happen anyway?
     - fixed nasty bug causing crashes when syncing the keyring from disc
     - added writing of public keyring to a tmp file + rename, to avoid corrupting it when RS stops during the whole operation
     - Added a quick fix for the freeze of RetroShare when using a file dialog on Windows
     - Fixed showup of self signatures in certificates that are not in the keyring already
     - Added code to avoid corruption of bdboot.txt: first write to tmp file then move the file. Refers on
       Windows utf16ToUtf8 from libretroshare. This forward reference can be improved.
     - Fixed bug with empty certificate strings when clicking on a certificate link with only a PGP id.
     - Removed deadly assert in validate.c:338 causing crashes on error.
     - fixed a few bugs in cert creation window:
        * private key was not correctly added to private keyring
        * self signature validation was reported unsuccessful when unknown signatures where found
     - fixed re-copy of dht bootstrap file when the file is empty
     - fixed up memory leak in openpgp
     - Trim right spaces from certificate name.
     - removed a couple of assert that could crash RS
     - Fixed bad default value for filter column in ForumsDialog
     - return false when ssl passphrase is of length 0. This should not happen, unless the file is void,
       since openpgp does not complain about decrypting empty files
     - added auto-clean of certificates at load time. Removes many errors.
     - fixed bug due to misinterpreting non SSLid drectories as potential locations
     - fixed stupid bug in friendlyUnits() causing crashes when displaying files with size > 1TB
     - possible fix for bug on ARM archs (reported by Ralfk)
     - fixed possible bug due to misplaced mutex (Reported by bNK)
     - added missign break, causing a crash when creating a new key
     - Fixed crash when starting the help browser from friend details the second time.
     - fixed bug in friendly display of size > 1TB causing crashes in e.g. channels
     - fixed bug in display of upload progress
     - Fixed bug in Qt for Windows Vista and higher. Convert path from native separators
       of filenames from QFileDialog::getOpenFileName(s) (Patch from AsamK)
     - Fixed sorting (case insensitive, numbers) in SearchDialog.
     - bug fix, avatar item deserialisation unsafely assumes valid image length. caused crash on windows.

  * Ongoing developments
     - merged GXS branch into trunk. No visible changes to the end user for now.



# for releases only
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:csoler-users/retroshare
# for development snapshots
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:csoler-users/retroshare-snapshots
# then
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install retroshare
RetroShare will be available in Applications->Internet


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c89297f343956f134cb9a7902ad7a325c1cec16c5241b1f6ebcced0fb3889d33552c6c17fdfe7ce0f3d3b8f14c17bb76fd054b2a9bf59bc71569ab1fcba033c0  Retroshare-v0.5.4a-svn5578_OSX10.6u.dmg
a628c083fb689b018f4424e511316da3acb969b6e626d81a3b5eb35651cb656e6d7daf3a4e5f7b557c4fd82ed60854991d317ed98f2c749693d3ccfce83e8602  RetroShare-v0.5.4a.tar.gz
81238838df128b68c6e0bafa08ce2a75c3e2da927f66744da9014d9eb28c4674cd77bcbe559afc41c678647f6397b1ed4604c90931254b52958f7a08f559f2ed  RetroShare_0.5.4a_5582_setup.exe
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