UPnP DHT Public and what is dark net?

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UPnP DHT Public and what is dark net?

Postby teslaStinker » Mon May 25, 2015 7:55 pm

In the Server section in options, I see what is called UPnP Auto, and also to the right, a down window that shows
differ type connections for this, and also below, the port number the machine is using local and external.
Also the ip addresses that have been used from my machine...

Now, in this world, spam cops are using a differ protocal is this correct? smtp TCP ? They do not use the UPnP do they? And this version which is the 0.5.5b has what is called dark net, and if I select this, will it loose all the people like it shows in the bottom task bar that shows right not, says 576 and to the right it says, 1.2 m as if 1.2 million people are possible on here. Does Dark net remove this, or does it stay when it goes into dark net mode....?

So, by this presumption as I am trying to figure what is going to happen to the net with all the blacklisting that is taking place by unjustified spam cops especially as they are growing in size and blacklisting anything that moves so to speak. Especially Verizon. Do not buy, unless you like Delievery Mail Failure stuff.... I suppose my real question is this. When it is in this mode of Automatic UPnP, but there is no DNS in the slot and the UPnP led bullet is black, does this mean, it is not really in the UPnP protocol that retroshare is working? Or does it just mean, that it is using my IP address and is still in the UPnP protocol? And if this is so, when I set my firewall to permit its traffic for Retroshare, Can I use the port number and protocol that it is using to filter the traffic, and it will still work right, or, Must I permit more than just this one port that it is showing of and other protocol that I am not aware of? ANY experienced users please reply
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