RetroShare Not Responding Windows 8.1

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RetroShare Not Responding Windows 8.1

Postby Disco » Fri Sep 19, 2014 1:52 am

Just recently found out about and installed RetroShare in order to securely contact some friends who's privacy and security are tantamount as of the last year. I install it and generate my new ID no problem... But as soon as the actual client pops and I am able to start adding people, checking messages, etc. it is maybe seconds before it suddenly freezes. I log in with my password, try to go to settings and tinker with some stuff, and it freezes (Not Responding). I End Program manually and log in once more, try and rapid fire the Add a Friend Wizard... It freezes (Not Responding). Lather, rinse, repeat for about a half hour. I have tried running as Admin and with every compatibility mode available but the problem persists. Is it simply entirely incompatible with Windows 8.1, or could the issue be with my machine(not the OS)? Most importantly though; is there a solution to my problem?

Realize (as I myself am fully aware) that I am 100% new to RetroShare and do not really know much about how it works. But I absolutely must have it functioning in order to get back in contact with these people who I've been estranged from for some time.

Any input, assistance, or solution would be INCREDIBLY appreciated.

Thank You,
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Re: RetroShare Not Responding Windows 8.1

Postby darkdevil92 » Mon Mar 23, 2015 8:49 pm

I have 2 problems with Retroshare (portable version), under windows 8.1 :

If i start or restart my pc, at the first launch, my friends are presents in retroshare. And if i close and restart retroshare, all my friends are gone. I must restart my pc.

And i can't sorted my friends files by date, because retroshare crash.

I hope a new version of retroshare with a better compatibility with win8.1
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