[Solved] Need help fixing DHT

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[Solved] Need help fixing DHT

Postby bugmenot » Fri Feb 17, 2017 8:00 pm

UPDATE: This is fixed after installing the newest version, Retroshare-0.6.2-Qt5. DHT is fixed and connections work again!


Hello, I'd sure appreciate some help fixing DHT!

RetroShare has worked wonderfully for my friend and I for a few months without any issues, until a few days ago. When I went over my ISP's data cap, that seemed to coincide with DHT utterly breaking. My data cap has now reset, but I still cannot get DHT to work. My NAT light is green and my DHT light is yellow, with hover-over text saying "DHT Searching for Retroshare peers". I am using Windows 10.

I have...
-Tried reinstalling RetroShare completely.
-Tried making a new RetroShare account.
-Restarted my PC and router several times.
-Tried forwarding some ports.
-Tried connecting with the portable version.
-Tried replacing the bdboot.txt with a fresh copy.
-Tried factory resetting my router.
-Waited a full hour to ensure DHT had time to fully start up before connecting.

And still nothing. It just makes no sense to me... my friend and I have never had to go to so much trouble to connect before. And she can still connect to other friends. We're both using the same version (Retroshare-0.6.1-Qt5) with the same (default) settings that have always worked for us. We've tried changing those around and still nothing works.

The same thing happens each time. It tries to connect for a bit, until I get the following error:

Your DHT has not started properly

Common causes of this problem are:
- You are not connected to the Internet
- You have a missing or out-of-date DHT bootstrap file (bdboot.txt)

And my friend gets:

We Cannot find your Friend.

They are either offline or their DHT is Off

Your Retroshare Node is configured Okay

My question is... what can I do, in RetroShare settings, or my router settings, or anything, to fix DHT?
Or perhaps, is there some way we can connect to each other without DHT?

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