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RetroShare Web Interfaces

Postby defnax » Sat Dec 21, 2013 4:31 pm

The DJRS is still in active development, we are keen to get feedback about issues.

Web Interface for RetroShare:
see the instructions here: ... interface/

Another unofficial WebInterface for RS in development:
see the instructions here:
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Re: RetroShare Web Interfaces

Postby cave » Wed Oct 29, 2014 9:38 am


What is Semester of Code?
The Semester of Code (SoC) is an initiative of the European VALS project, which allows students of degrees of computer science addressing real business problems raised by companies and OSS Foundations, and get rewards from resolving them reflecting it in their formal education.There are three main stakeholders in this project:

How VALS Semester of Code Works
[*] Propose a project for approval by a mentoring open source organisation
[*] Code the semester away
[*] Achieve Ultimate Glory ...and gain academic credit

Webinterface for a decentralized social network

(status: open)
Webinterface for a decentralized social network

Motivation: offer similar features as facebook or diaspora. But don't expose any private data to a server operator. Retroshare is decentralized and does not need servers.

During Google Summer of Code 2014 i started a social network plugin for Retroshare (original Idea). It offers similar features as a facebook wall. This plugin works, but it turned out that the choosen front end technologie (Wt) is unflexible. With Wt the webinterface is written in C++. This is nice if you don't have a clue about web technologies (like me half a year ago). Then a webdeveloper introduced me into the world of JavaScript/HMTL/SASS and now i think a webinterface should be made directly with web technologies, not with C++.

Desired Outcome: a webinterface for a social network. Create a post, display comments, allow to make comments or recommend posts to others. A profile page with a profile picture. Later we want a user interface to group persons into circles to allow access retrictions. The task could be extended to cover all Retroshare features. These are chat, croup chat, mail, forums and channels. We could also add long wanted features like photo albums. The interface should work with touch screens.

Communication with the Retroshare core will happen with JSON encoded messages over http or Websockets. This interface is under construction and should be available until December.

Mentor: Tillmann Gansky

Programming languages used: JavaScript, HTML, CSS/SASS

This project is right for you, if you don't fear design+layout and if you like a visible outcome of the project.
Number of proposals already submitted to this project (0)
The project mentor has not marked any proposal as their preferred solution yet. or

In August 2014 the development of a new webinterface for Retroshare started. This document describes the previous efforts to make a webinterface for Retroshare and how the fourth webinterface should work. At the end the setup of the development environment is shown. This document should give new developers enough information to help with this project.


**GSoC RetroShare Social Network Plugin Project Blog**

- [gsoc-retroshare-social-network-plugin-review-and-future]
- [gsoc-features-retroshare-social-network-plugin]
- [gsoc-retroshare-social-network-plugin-compared-retroshare-forums]
- [gsoc-social-network-plugin-retroshare]

**JSON over http API**

For the new Retroshare Webinterface 4 it was suggested to provide a JSON over http interface. This document describes the ideas behind this interface and serves a reference manual with simple examples. It should anyone with basic programming skills give the knowledge to use this interface. Retroshare_JSON_over_http_API_14_07_29.pdf

**Comments and help is welcome.**

The Code for this will be available ASAP.

**Papers are available @**





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Re: RetroShare Web Interfaces

Postby cave » Tue Nov 04, 2014 9:04 pm

this thread is also interresting regarding the WebInterface


It seems a lot of effort has gone into separating out the pure backend side (retroshare-nogui) from the C++/Qt presentation application. I think this means that it should be possible to have a nice clean interface between the two, with one really solid backend doing all the work, and potentially many different GUI applications running on top of it.
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