Very pleased to have found this software.....

If you want to help the RetroShare team and project, you can do some small tasks. Designers, testers, translators, please come...
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Very pleased to have found this software.....

Postby bhenderson » Fri Jun 12, 2015 3:27 pm

I wanted to let the team here know that I also appreciate the work being done on RetroShare. I have been looking around for a possible alternative to facebook as this is a centrally controlled system and is open to abuse by those in control. I am also keen to find a file sharing mechanism that is able to hide the traffic in encrypted streams. The strict enforcement of the pgp friends system also makes this software one of the more secure. RetroShare seems to have both the things I am looking for. I honestly was looking around to start a project to make a p2p version of facebook, but was surprised to find RetroShare has many of the functions that I was considering. I am a little rusty on the programming front, but considered a p2p facebook so important that I was prepared to freshen my skills. Many grass roots movements and a great deal of alternative news gets out through facebook, and if the facebook was compromised I don't know that there is anything out there to take its place, making it far to vulnerable.

I am so pleased to have found RetroShare for the reasons pointed out above, and I am going to encourage my friends to get onto the Restroshare "collective". I look forward to future developments!!!!
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Re: Very pleased to have found this software.....

Postby electron » Fri Jun 19, 2015 10:02 am

We have some exciting new features in v0.6, and will add more later. We are working on it!
Retroshare can do many things facebook can do, except spying on users, censoring and payed advertising ;)
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