Reduced Native Cocoa Version

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Reduced Native Cocoa Version

Postby psi » Fri Apr 13, 2012 8:36 pm

Hi Guys,

First of all: Thanks for setting the stage for this awesome project. I strongly believe that this may have a huge impact some day.
However, I feel that the application lacks the simplicity required to gain traction among the majority of inexperienced users (read: non-ultra nerds). This is where I'd like to contribute. I'm an experienced C/C++/Obj-C developer with a strong background in Unix backend- and Cocoa/iOS development.

I'm especially concerned about the user experience on OSX. GTK itself is a horrbile experience on this system (and I'm not even much of a GUI user). So I decided to work on a native, Cocoa-based version. Now here's what I thought of:

Instead of re-inventing another wheel, I'd like to implement the chat feature as an Adium plugin. Adium is probably the best and most versatile instant messenger on OSX anyway. As it is built on libpurple, there may even be the possibility of a spin-off for other instant messengers such as Pidgin. The Application itself would be run separately and include nothing else but friendship management and the file sharing component. With regards to the user interface, I feel inspired by Transmission.

I already have a working libretroshare client in my Objective-C context and am currently working on the Adium component. Now I'd like to welcome your comments and suggestions. Did I forget any crucial components?

By the way... how is the development status of the planned Files and Folders Synchronize plugin? I would love to wrap a Libfuse-based filesystem driver around it to make Dropbox a thing of the (non-dht) past.
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Re: Reduced Native Cocoa Version

Postby defnax » Wed Apr 18, 2012 11:18 am

there is nothing yet started about Folders Synchronize plugin,
you can join to dev network, there you get answers from devs faster.
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Re: Reduced Native Cocoa Version

Postby OxO » Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:59 pm


If you're still working on this version, could you share your sources? I'd like to try re-design GUI for OS X.
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