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Dev starter document

Postby ac506in » Mon Oct 27, 2008 7:00 am

Hi guys

I am new member in the dev team and I will be working on Broadcast / Streaming feature.
Is there any dev starter document which gives details how to compile the project, which IDE to use, some debugging tips or may be coding convention.

I am trying to setup the dev enviornment and just want to debug the retroshare so that I may get comfortable with code.

Also I would like to know
1) Can I use retroshare without internet ?
2) Can I use it in internal network , may be on one machine . One retroshare instance on host and other on virtual machine?

I have installed release version but I cannot find any Networks? Are there some existing networks?

I am just starting so bear with me with these beginner questions.


RE: Dev starter document

Postby defnax » Tue Oct 28, 2008 12:23 am


1) yes you can use without internet on Lokal Network too.

2) yes you can use only on one machine too, i used for testing svn version some time with RetroLocal version when friends was offline or dht was off for tests.

or you can use RetroLocal versions for Tests:

RE: Dev starter document

Postby defnax » Tue Oct 28, 2008 1:00 am

Dont know you will Compile under Linux or Windows?
We doesnt have at the moment a up to date Howto for Compiling.

WIN XP Compilation.

It requires both the cygwin
and the mingw compilers...

Cygwin development environment:

Qt4.3.x opensource development kit + MinGw:

source code for all libraries.:

retroshare-pkg-linux-src-v0.4.09b.tgz included this Libraries:


Libraries for Windows needs:

In Brief:
UNDER Cygwin:
(1) Compile openssl-xpgp.
(2) Compile miniunpnc
(3) Compile pthreads.
(4) Compile zlib.

(5) Compile retroshare-v0.4.x

UNDER Mingw:
(6) SMPlayer ( qmake + make )
(7) Compile the Qt-Gui. (qmake + make )

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