Broadcasting/Streaming feature Discussion

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Broadcasting/Streaming feature Discussion

Postby defnax » Mon Oct 27, 2008 12:13 am

We get anew Developer which will help to implement Broadcasting/Streaming feature for RetroShare:

ac506in wrote me:

I played little with the products you mentioned.
To summarize what I understood is:

1) We need stream/broadcast feature

* It should be able to create channel or view channels on network.
* User can create/share channel within their friends circle/community.
* Channels can be create from any input source : Webcam,TV,VLC

Now this looks okay. There are already some products doing P2P broadcasting like Sopcast,TVU player.
VLC can create a stream and broadcast to network,

This looks like a quite big feature in it self.
I think we should go step by step. First creating a prototype would be better option.

I am thinking we can create a prototype to create a stream like VLC is doing and that can be played on any other system on internet.
We need to think of some library that can help in displaying video.
Has anyone in our team worked on video .
We should include all developers in our design discussion.
Also can you suggest which IDE you guys are using for development.


RE: Broadcasting/Streaming feature Discussion

Postby ac506in » Mon Oct 27, 2008 7:04 am

hi Guys,

I am planning to create a prototype to play streaming video. I am new to streaming stuff, so if any of you have worked on streaming , codecs or if you know any third party library that can work please share with me.

In mean time I will do my research and will list the options that we can use for streaming.


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