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Build server available

Postby ririlajoie » Sun Jan 04, 2015 1:41 pm

Hi guys,

I set up a build server using jenkins. There is a windows build as well as an Ubuntu one.
If any dev wants the build server to build from their own repository, (from bitbucket/github/whatever), just contact me and I will add your build.

Available here :

Auto generated windows portable builds are available here :

I will probably split up the projects to compile the dependencies individually.

If needed, I could also add some code analysis tools to run, and some valgrind checks in the future ?

I'm open to any idea. The server is not very powerful (old laptop), but who cares, there aren't so many changes on trunk :)
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Re: Build server available

Postby cave » Tue Feb 24, 2015 8:10 am

hi, nice.

Isn't Jenkins throwing elephants on sparrows?
two days ago Budlack said in the chatrooms we should use Jenkins...

Is it possible to run a cron script and rsync your builds to a WebServer? I guess your laptop/Synology station is running with DynDNS?

Could you build for Raspberry Pi with their armv6-hf/armv7 mixed ARMHF CPU?
This would be useful. Would be necessary for Trunk and for v05.5c for Debian Wheezy.

And i miss HTTPS!
Is it possible to add Code Signing with a GPG-Key and hashes? to secure your builds.

Do you have knowledge about Debian Packaging? This is also an open point we need to address in the community/project

regarding valgrind, please get in direct contact with cyril. He is happy if someone finds memory leaks and submit patches or points him to the problems.

thx for your effort. have you access to the v06 dev chatrooms.

br cave
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