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dynamic dns

Postby Serie » Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:28 pm

Against my earlier postings, I could not resist to use retroshare with at least some friends. :mrgreen:

As the clients sometimes do not connect to each other, I now want to use dynamic dns.
If I got it right, my friends retroshare client can ,from now on, get my ip by looking up the domain I specify in my dynamic-dns settings. So from now on, they should be able to find me nearly instantly.
My Question: Do my friends get the information, that I have a dynamic-dns domain, automatically the next time we are connected, or do I have to resend them my (new) key?

Experience so far: without dns and with port forwarding on my side (DHT and NAT are green) and firewalled on my friends side (NAT=yellow, DHT=green) it takes 1 minute to 30minutes till the connection is established. Sometimes the connection cannot be established at all ( retroshare was running for 2 hours or whole night).
But I have an suspicion.
I have two retroshare clients with the same id. One on my server running 24/7 and one on my laptop running a few hours each day (each with a different port). Every time, my laptop connects earlier to my friends than the server. When only the server is running, my friends sometimes can not connect at all. Especially, when retroshare is allready running for days. Can it be, that a client is harder to be found with dht the longer the client is online? Maybe an ip-change does not get recogniced or the dht wount be updated. no idea... Maybe it is just imagination.

Second: I have set upload speed to 500KB/s.
Speedtest of my internet connection tells me I have an uploadspeed of 1MB/s.
In local lan, retroshare uploads with nearly 500KB/s. But to my friends (over internet) the maximum uploadspeed reached is about 130KB/s. Maximum download speed of my friends is definitely more than my maximum upload speed. Is this normal or is there any way to raise the upload speed to my friends?

Kind regards

Edith: how is the development going? is version 0.6 in sight?
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Re: dynamic dns

Postby Distro » Fri Jan 11, 2013 4:49 am

Yes, your dyndns info is sent to your friends when you connect.
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