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Postby rndbit » Tue Apr 24, 2012 4:34 pm

I was wondering if any of RS devs could answer simple question regarding BitDHT. I find this library very frustrating because there seems to be no obvious way to retrieve values from DHT. in bittorrent terms 'peer' is a node who is retrieved by issuing get_peers command. Now existing example shows off how do to dht.FindNode(). There does not seem to be dht.FindPeers() or something like that. also BitDhtCallback::dhtPeerCallback does not provide info about issued search (i assume it should return peers found via 'get_peers' command). So how exactly BitDHT should be used so i could find stored peers in DHT and possibly publish my own node (announce_peer) on a specific key? I did try to look into source code of both retroshare and bitdht, but they are not small and simple projects. Some guidance would really save me time.

Thanks :)
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