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Some ideas and one bug

PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 1:24 pm
by Mito
I have some ideas for RS. First you must know that I use the Windows version (0.6 - 8551)
  1. Limit send slot per friends (some times, one friends have 10 downloads or more slots and other friends can't download anything or the friend with 10 or more downloads down at 1kbps download speed in all slots)
  2. Option for priority friend. Not all friends are same, sometimes we want to send a file to one friend faster for comment it, but this friend can't download file (or files) at good speed because other friends are consuming your bandwidth (sometimes for reason commented at option 1).
    Maybe limit this feature for one friend at same time, to prevent abuse and for doesn't ruin the other users experience.
  3. Cache transfer (files with name like 098536fdfbfsiohjkgoejhgoieji): This files are important for good work of the RS. Maybe it must downloads regardless the download slot limits, but preventing download of same friend list constantly (trust me, I have one friend that change their share files all time :lol: ).
  4. Directory view. I downloads some rscollections with a lot of folders and files, it added to transfers list individually, and would be great if we can view all files with the same tree it have in hard disk.
  5. BUG (Important): In downloads sections, I usually found a file with Priority 0 that block all downloads, I must to change it priority manually or downloads never start
  1. Get control of my channels. I know that there are admin rigths share option, but I made two channels some time ago, then I updated Retroshare and create new node with same identy, and loose control of that channels I made. Other user give me admin rights, but it doesn't appear in "my channels" list :cry:
  2. Edit: We are humans, sometimes we make mistake when updating channel item and we haven't the option to correct it.
  3. Dinamic charge. As I can see, channel item list shows all items at same time, and starting the load with the oldest, and adding the other items before the last one item charged.
    Adding a dinamic charge, may result in a less cost of memory. Whit a Dinamic charge I means a list with specific item number limit, that charge more items if we click some button (charge more) or if we scroll down.
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Friend file list
  1. Search or filter files from all friends or specific one