Trivial issue: Thumbs.db et al.

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Trivial issue: Thumbs.db et al.

Postby vylbird » Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:20 pm

I don't know why this hasn't been done yet. I searched for any prior discussion - there's only one apparent thread, from 2011, and inconclusive: viewtopic.php?t=1513&p=6169#p6154

Anyway, the problem: Thumbs.db. Along with it's Appley sibling, .DS_Store. We all know these - they are the clutter that operating systems leave scattered around everywhere they go. Caches of generated thumbnails. They are also posing something of a problem to me: I've noticed them in the shares of some contacts, as well as in my own. Aside from the slight waste of resources, they are also frequently changing files: Windows likes to update thumbs.db(s) quite a lot for no apparent reasons, causing wasteful updates and cache sends.

Fixing this should be trivial. I can see exactly where the change needs to be made: It's in A couple more lines, that's all it should take, just check the name and set toadd=false if appropriate. I'm no dev, so I'm not going to do it myself, but this is really a five-minute job for anyone who knows the code. Is there any reason this cannot be done? It's probably the most trivial thing to be asked about here, but the benefit-to-time ratio is very high.

Thumbs.db files spread everywhere. I even see them in the retorshare git.
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Re: Trivial issue: Thumbs.db et al.

Postby Distro » Wed Aug 20, 2014 5:08 pm

Yes, it’s easy to do and I’ve done it to ignore *.part files. Why is it not in RS? Not sure anymore if I proposed the patch to Cyril; I made it a long time ago. It would be better if the pattern of ignored files was configurable instead of being hardcoded in the source code… But maybe not mandatory.

Things that could/should be automatically ignored:
- *.part
- *.gpg
- .DS_Store
- Thumbs.db
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