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RetroShare: secure communications with friends


RetroShare is a Open Source cross-platform, Friend-2-Friend and secure decentralised communication platform.
It lets you to securely chat, share photos, videos, and more with family and friends, using OpenPGP to authenticate peers and OpenSSL to encrypt all communication.

Other Systems and packages
  • Completely decentralized
  • Instant messaging
  • Groupchat
  • Search Friends
  • IRC-like chatlobbies
  • Email-like Messages
  • Forums
  • Youtube-like channels
  • Voice over IP / Video over IP
  • GnuPG Authentication
  • OpenSSL Encryption
  • Plugins support
  • UPnP / NAT-PMP port forwarding support
  • Graphical User Interface written with Qt4 toolkit
  • System tray integration
What is RetroShare?

RetroShare is the next generation social network, which provides:

  • Reliable Identification and Authentication of your friends.
  • Plus an Introduction Scheme which connects you to the friends of your friends, and facilitates network growth.
  • Encrypted Communication, ensuring all shared information is known only to you and your peers.
  • A Communication Platform which can potentially support services such as Secure Email, File Sharing, Streaming, Video or Voice over IP, Photos, Wiki, Wall and Messaging
  • A Decentralised Social Sharing Network designed **For the People** with no dependancies on any corporate system or central servers.

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